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7550 Hwy 83 - 84 S
Abilene, TX 79602
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Veterinary Hospital in Abilene, TX

Veterinary Hospital Abilene, TX

Pet Vet Abilene, TX Are you looking for a pet vet in Abilene, TX that you can trust to take care of your beloved pet's animal surgery operation?  Animal Health & Medical Center is a family owned and operated veterinary hospital in Abilene, TX with over thirty years of veterinary experience run by Allen J. Bolt, D.V.M.  

"We want your pet to be a part of our family!" 

We are domestic veterinarians who run a small animal hospital.  If you're looking for a pet vet or small animal veterinarians, come see us!

Our pet vet knows that your pet is like part of the family. Give them excellent small animal veterinarians within Abilene, TX. Call our veterinary hospital today to set up an appointment.

We have caring small animal veterinarians at our veterinary hospital!

Animal Health & Medical center is a small animal hospital.  Our veterinarians can do everything from vaccinations to specialized animal surgery and diagnostics.  The clinic is a full service medical and surgical facility.  It is a state-of-the-art animal hospital with the latest equipment. There is a digital x-ray, an ultrasound, as well as laser surgery and monitoring equipment.  We are now doing Stem Cell transfer for our older patients.

There are in-house blood chemistry machines that can get quick results to you.  Both 1-hour and 24-hour Coggins Testing for equine infectious anemia are available. 

The laser is a great surgical tool that is used during all surgeries, which aids in healing and cauterizing.

They have recently added the K-laser that is great for healing wounds and aiding in pain relief.  K-laser Class IV Laser Therapy treats chronic pain and acute injuries and can improve your pet's quality of life.  Each K-laser treatment only lasts a few minutes. 

They are able to use an endoscope, a special video instrument, to see deep in your pet's ears.  "Drop eared" dogs (dogs who's ear leather is long and points down) are more susceptible to ear infections because bacteria, yeast and mites prefer to live in warm, dark and moist environments.  Regular cleaning and veterinarian check ups can help keep your dog's ears healthy and pain free. 

Call our trusted pet vet for animal surgery today!

Does your pet have bad breath?  At AHMC they can provide dental care to animals and clean your pet's teeth to help that terrible breath! 

Animal Health and Medical Center of Abilene, TX also offers animal pain management, wound healing, and rehabilitation therapies. 

Veterinary hospital proudly serving Abilene, TX and the surrounding areas with domestic veterinarians.

Affiliated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Veterinary Hospital Abilene, TX

Products & Services

Vaccinations, Ear Cleaning, X-Rays, Allergy Testing, Declaw, Heartworm Test, Pain Medication, Prescription Foods, Laser Surgery, Ophthalmic Care, Soft Palate Resection, Spay/Neuters, Nail Trims, Ultrasounds, Worming, Euthanasia, Boarding, Hip Surgery, Medicated Shampoos, Cesareans, Sheep, Endoscopy, Snakebite Vaccine, Dentals, Exams, Cog gins, Microchip, Anal Gland Expression, Health Certificates, K-Laser, Knee Surgery, Lab Work, Cremation, Geriatric Care, Tonsillectomy.


Jan 07, 2011
By: Denna
Animal Health & Medical Center
7550 Hwy 83 - 84 S
Abilene , TX 79602

Dr. Bolt has been taking care of pets since he came to Abilene. He and his staff are very caring and honest with his with what he thinks would be the best care options for your pet. I love the way the staff and Dr. Bolt treat me and my wonderful pets. If looking for a vet you should come here for the best care around this area.

Pros: The staff is very caring and compassionate about your pet. Your pet is treated with respect and caring. The prices here are what you should expect for this quality of care!!!

Cons: Can not think of anything that I do not like about this office.

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  • We are a member of the Better Business Bureau. Our saying is "We want your pet to be a part of our family." Dr. Bolt has over 30 years experience.
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